Conditions of Use

1. General

1.1 This website has been established by G.R.A.S. Designs and Integrations Ltd. – a company for the manufacture, marketing and sale of jewelry (hereinafter – “G.R.A.S.” or “the Company”) of 50 Ben Yehuda Street, Nesher, Postal Code 36660, telephone: 04-8210210, fax: 04-8213730 (hereinafter – “the Company’s Registered Office(".

1.2 This website is owned by G.R.A.S. – Israeli Art and it is operated and managed by it exclusively.

1.3 The conditions of use relate equally to both sexes, and use of the masculine gender is for the sake of convenience only.

1.4 The headings to the conditions of use are solely for the sake of convenience, and shall not be taken into account in interpreting any of the provisions hereof or their validity.

1.5 The conditions of use shall apply to any use and purchase that may be made by you via the website, and shall constitute the basis for any proceeding between you and G.R.A.S. unless altered/amended by way of a document signed by both the parties.

 Accordingly, you are requested to read the conditions of use carefully before using the website.  If you do not wish/agree that these conditions should be binding on you, you are requested not to make any use of the website.

1.6 Only a person/body who is legally competent for the purpose is entitled to make use of the website.

1.7 As a pre-condition to using this Internet site, you undertake to G.R.A.S. not to make use of this Internet site for any illegal purpose, and for any purpose prohibited under the conditions, stipulations and notices contained in the conditions of use.

2. Purchase of items

2.1 A wide range of items of G.R.A.S. manufacture are offered for sale on the website.

2.2 The website is intended for effecting sales for personal use only, which includes for purposes of giving gifts and not for purchases having commercial characteristics.  The Company reserves the right not to honor and/or to cancel orders and/or purchases which in its humble opinion and in its discretion were made contrary to the foregoing.  In addition, the Company has the right to take all legal steps available to it against infringers of its rights.

2.3 The photographs appearing on the website are intended for illustration only.  The Company makes its best efforts in order to ensure that the photographs will reflect the characteristics of items that will actually be supplied.  However, changes and/or inaccuracies are possible arising from graphic or technical problems, the use of computer monitors having differing resolutions, the use of different software programs, etc.  It is clarified that G.R.A.S. is not responsible for errors of any sort that may appear on this website, including errors in text, errors in the description of the item, the price thereof, and so forth, and it reserves the right to cancel an order based on an error as aforesaid.

2.4 Items indicated on this website will be supplied by G.R.A.S. provided that the Company has same in stock at the time the order is placed.  In a case that an item has been sold out, the Company will make its best efforts to make you an offer for the purchase of an alternative item of similar characteristics and price and in accordance therewith you will be given the opportunity of altering your order or of canceling your original order.

2.5 The Company reserves the right to cease, at any time and without sending prior notice, the production of any item and/or the offer thereof for sale and/or the providing of any links by it, and you hereby waive any allegation and/or demand and/or claim in connection therewith.  The Company further does not undertake that a particular item will be at a specific point-of-sale, even if such point was mentioned on the website.

3. Placing of order

3.1 To enable the Company to supply the product you have ordered, your order must be received and properly recorded in the Company’s computer, and must contain all the details required for forwarding the products and for charging you.  Various reasons are likely to cause faults and disruptions in the computer recording of your offer.  If you receive a notice with regard to incorrect content in the details of the order or notice regarding a fault that has occurred in the system at the time of recording the order, we recommend that you refer to customer service at telephone: 04-8210210.

3.2 If at the time of placing the order you give erroneous details of identification, we will not be able to guarantee that the product will reach you.  In the event that the products are returned to us, as a result of incorrect details that you have given, you will be held liable for payment in respect of forwarding and handling charges.  Please be careful to fill in accurate and updated details.  The submission of false personal details is strictly prohibited according to law.

3.3 After you have confirmed your order by using the “send” option, your order will be transferred to the Company for execution.  Commencing from the time of confirmation of the order, as aforesaid, the order cannot be altered and/or cancelled by you, except in accordance with the possibilities mentioned under the chapter headed “Cancellation of purchase” (Clause 8 of the Conditions of Use).  Your order will be confirmed by the sending of an e-mail message which will reach your address within 3 business days from the date of confirmation of the order.  An order which has not been confirmed as aforesaid will not bind the Company.

3.4 After an examination of the details of your credit card has been completed and approval has been received from the credit card company for executing the purchase, and provided the item requested by you is in stock, your offer will be deemed to be executable, and the Company will take steps to supply the item that has been ordered.

4. Price policy

The price you will be charged is that indicated on the website on the date of effecting the purchase.  Without derogating from the foregoing, the Company reserves the right to alter prices of items and/or services as displayed on the website and it may do so at any time even without prior notice.

5. Means of payment

The payment for the purchase of items on the website will be effected solely through a valid credit card which can be cleared by one of the credit card companies lawfully operating in Israel.  The Company will not honor any other means of payment.

6 . Privacy

6.1 The information that we receive from you, including your personal details, is for purposes of debiting and forwarding, so that you can order items from the website and receive them without errors.  Your personal details, as well as details of your purchases, will be kept in the data base of the website in accordance with the provisions of the Protection of Privacy Law, 1981, and use will be made thereof in accordance with this clause and according to the provisions of any law.

6.2 The Company will do its best to protect the intactness of your personal information that is received on this website and its being kept confidential.  The collection of information and the saving thereof is done in a secured environment – we use a combination of security technologies, protection procedures and organizational means in order to protect your personal information against unauthorized access, use or disclosure.  When we transfer sensitive personal data, for example details of a credit card (over the Internet), we protect same by using SSL encoding technologies.  Portion of the services on the website necessitate registration in the scope of which you will be called upon to provide personal details such as: your full name and your e-mail address.  Therefore you hereby declare that these particulars are given to the Company of your own free will and with your consent.  Upon effecting of the registration, your e-mail address will be added to the website’s circulation list and will confer on the Company the right to make use of these particulars for purposes of sales promotion, advertising, improvement of the services provided by the Company and for enriching the content of the website.  If you wish to be deleted from the circulation list, you can remove yourself at any time.

6.3 The Company may engage other companies to supply limited services on its behalf, such as: providing an answer to questions connected with support or performing of statistical data in respect of our services.  The Company will provide such companies with details of your personal information which is required for providing the services, and the companies and their employees are prohibited from using this personal information for any other purpose.

6.4 The Company uses “cookies” and materially similar technologies for purposes of the current and proper functioning of the website (hereinafter collectively “the Cookies”), including for purposes of amassing statistical data regarding the use of the website, for verification of details, for adapting the website to your personal preferences and for purposes of securing and protecting information.  There is a possibility of adjusting your browser so that it will accept or reject “Cookies”, or will inform you when “Cookies” are sent to you.  Since every browser operates differently, check on the “help” menu on your browser as to how to make the aforesaid adjustment.

6.5 As stated above, we devote resources and take various protective measures in order to prevent a penetration into the data base and to frustrate any possible violation of the privacy of users.  However, it is not possible to rule out faults completely.  Therefore, you hereby declare that you will not have any allegation and/or demand and/or claim against us and/or anyone acting on our behalf as a result of violations, breakdowns and/or faults as aforesaid.  We recommend to you to invoke all the possible means of caution to protect your personal details at the time of your activity on the Internet.  For example, change your passwords frequently, use a combination of letters and digits at the time of creating passwords, and make sure that you use a secured browser.

6.6 Any material sent to the Company’s website is presumed not to be confidential.  By sending information and/or any other material via the Company’s website and/or the placing of data on the website, you declare that: you possess the rights of use and distribution in respect of such information and/or material; to the best of your knowledge no other person has rights to such information and/or material; you approve that the Company use the information and/or the other material subject to what is stipulated in this chapter.

6.7 Details of the entry into your e-mail address and additional details about you are subject to the rules of protection of privacy described above.  The Company will as far as possible refrain from consciously passing on your personal details to third parties, unless it is under obligation to do so according to a judicial decree or if it is threatened with legal steps (criminal or civil) being taken against it in respect of acts that you performed on the Company’s website.  In such case the Company is entitled to pass on your details to the party who alleges that he or it was prejudiced by you, or in accordance with the judicial decree.

6.8 There are links on the Company’s website which refer to other websites.  We make an effort to link to websites which, to the best of our knowledge, do not violate the right to privacy, but we cannot be responsible in any manner for the content and/or the extent of protection of privacy that the other websites provide, and therefore we recommend, in every case of furnishing details, to read the privacy policy of such websites and to act accordingly.

6.9 You are entitled to read the information collected and kept by the Company, in accordance with these Conditions of Use pursuant to the Protection of Privacy Law, 1981.

6.10 In addition, if the information in the Company’s database serves for purposes of a personal approach to you, based on your belonging to a population group determined according to one or more characteristics of persons whose names are included in the data base (“approach with commercial offer”), then and in that event you will be entitled, according to the Protection of Privacy Law, 1981, to demand in writing that the information which relates to you be deleted from the data base.  In such case the Company will delete information required by it solely in order to refer to you with commercial offers as aforesaid.  Information required by the Company for the conduct of its business – including documentation of commercial and other operations you have performed on the Company’s website – will continue to be kept by the Company according to law, but will no longer serve for purposes of approaches to you.

6.11 The Company may from time to time alter the provisions of the privacy policy.  If, in the scope of such policy, material changes are made in provisions relating to use of personal information you have furnished, a notice to that effect will be published on the Company’s website.

7. Supply of products

7.1 The time of supply of most of the items sold on the website is approximately 21 working days from the date of confirmation of the order.  In the case of items where the estimate of the time of supply is longer, this will be indicated on the website (hereinafter – “Supply Times”).  Calculation of the Supply Times will be according to business days, that is to say Sundays – Thursdays, excluding Fridays, Saturdays, festivals and festival eves.  However, the Company will make its best efforts to speed up the Supply Times.

7.2 The various items will be delivered via messengers or through the Israeli post office to the address you have furnished in the course of placing the order (in our sole discretion), unless otherwise stated.  Products that are delivered via the Israel post will be sent subject to the time of supply at the Israel post and subject to the normal standard and conditions of service of the Israel post.  It is hereby emphasized that the supply times of products which are not delivered via messengers are not subject to control and you hereby declare that you will have no allegation regarding disruptions in supply which is not through a messenger.

7.3 If your order has not been received within the times mentioned above, you are requested to make contact with our customer service department, at telephone 04-8210210 or via e-mail to

8. Cancellation of purchase and return of items

8.1 The Company will replace or will accept back an item that has been purchased through this website, in accordance with the alternatives set forth below, only if no use has been made thereof, in their original packaging and without any defect and/or wear and tear therein, accompanied by the original invoice.  For purposes of returning the products you must make contact with our customer service department at telephone number: 04-8210210.

8.2 The return of items is possible under each of the following alternatives, at your election:

8.2.1 Exchange for other item – the item purchased on the website can be exchanged at any of the G.R.A.S. shops in accordance with the Company’s policy as described on the back of the warranty certificate.

8.2.2 Exchange for personal credit voucher – any item purchased on this website can be returned or exchanged against a credit voucher, in the amount of the actual payment paid by you on this website for the returned item.  The credit voucher can be exercised during the periods specified thereon, commencing from the date of its issue, at any of the Company’s shops in Israel.

8.2.3 Cancellation of the transaction against return of money – purchase of an item that was bought on this website can be cancelled at any time from the date of placing of the order and until the elapse of 14 days from the date of supply or from the date of receipt of confirmation of the transaction, whichever is the later.  After the date mentioned above, it is not possible to cancel the transaction.  Cancellation of the transaction shall be effected by way of an e-mail message to the address followed by a telephonic message to the Company’s customer service department.  A pre-condition to cancellation of an order as aforesaid is the return of the item to the Company’s warehouses, either by you personally or by you financing the cost of fees for returning the item to the Company’s warehouses.  Such cancellation will entitle you to a refund of the cost of the item as was actually paid by you less delivery charges and return charges).  Without derogating from the generality of the foregoing, it is clarified that a product in which a personal adjustment has been made cannot be returned or exchanged, in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law, 1981.

8.3 The items which leave the Company’s warehouses undergo strict quality control.  However, in a case in which the items you have ordered were not in proper condition at the time of receipt thereof as a result of a failure on the part of the Company, you will not be debited with charges for delivery, packing, return fees or handling charges.  If you have received a defective item which was not in proper order and condition, every effort will be made to offer you replacement of the defective item with an item that is in proper order and condition.  In accordance therewith you will be given the possibility of accepting the item in proper order and condition or of canceling your order.

8.4 It is clarified that nothing in the foregoing shall derogate from the Company’s right to claim any damage that may be caused to it in respect of such cancellation by virtue of the fact that the value of the item has decreased as a result of a significant deterioration in its condition.

9. Intellectual property 

9.1 All the copyright and the intellectual property on the G.R.A.S. Internet website – including the design thereof and any software, application, graphic file, trademark, texts, designs of jewelry, jewelry patterns, computer codes and any other material contained therein – belongs to the Company alone and/or to its content suppliers and/or business partners, as the case may be.

9.2 No item forming part of the details of information, the software and the items may be copied, distributed, altered, transmitted, publicly displayed, duplicated, advertised, licensed, and no derivative works may be created or any item forming part of the items of information sold, and no portion of the foregoing shall be delivered to a third party without obtaining the prior written and express consent of G.R.A.S.  The name of G.R.A.S., the domain name of the website and the trademarks (those that have been registered and those which are unregistered) of the Company, are the exclusive property of G.R.A.S. or, if they have been published on behalf of advertisers, the property of such advertisers alone.  No use shall be made thereof without their prior written consent.

10. Restriction on use

10.1 This website is protected under the Israeli law and the international law, including copyright and trademarks.

10.2 These Conditions of Use do not grant rights or a license to make changes and/or adjustments on this website and/or in the content of the website, whether same are viewed, down-loaded or there is other access to them.  The approval given to you to use the website does not include: purchase and/or other use for commercial purposes, copying or duplicating or distribution or the production of any item in the course of using information appearing on this website, except with the Company’s express approval, apart from use permitted according to law.

10.3 You are not entitled to introduce content into the website and/or to insert into it information or files or codes and/or to alter, damage, interfere with or impair this website or the information existing on it or any proprietary rights of the Company or of any third party.

It is strictly forbidden to make improper and unauthorized uses of this website, including the introduction of “Trojan horses”, “viruses”, “worms” and so forth, or the use of computer software programs that are likely to cause damage.

10.4 It is prohibited to display and/or advertise and/or implant into this website and/or into websites linked to it, illegal, immoral, threatening, lewd information or material which could constitute defamation, etc.

11. Limitation of liability

11.1 This website, including the content thereof and the information appearing thereon, any link to another website appearing on this website, are available for use “as is”, without any obligation on the part of Company.  Accordingly, nothing contained in the website and/or in this document constitutes any form of representation by the Company, for any purpose, in regard to the reliability, conformity, appropriate timing and extent of accuracy, of the information, the software, the items, the links and the graphics which accompany this website.  Accordingly, you will have no allegation, demand or claim against the Company in respect of characteristics of links, the capabilities thereof, the limitations thereof or the suitability thereof to your needs and requirements.

11.2 Under no circumstances will any liability be imposed on G.R.A.S. and/or on any of its shareholders, directly and/or indirectly, and/or on an affiliated and/or associated company and/or subsidiary and/or other entities that form part of a joint venture and/or partners and/or other entities holding substantially joint control and/or any of their shareholders and/or managers of the Company and/or officers in the Company, as defined in the Companies Law, 1999, directors, employees and/or its various suppliers, in respect of direct or indirect damage, punitive damages, incidental, special or consequential damage, or any other damage of whatsoever nature, including, without limitation, damages in respect of the loss of use, loss of data or loss of profits, arising from or connected in any manner with use of this website and/or the performances thereof, in a delay in using or in an inability to use the website, in the supply or non-supply of services, including data, text, pictures, video or audio, or any information, software, link item and accompanying graphics that were obtained through this Internet website, or which emanate in any other manner from the use of this Internet website, whether this is based on the laws of contract and/or the laws of tort, absolute liability or anything else, even if the Company has been informed about the possibility of such damage.  The Company will not bear any responsibility for what is stated in website forums, in website chats or with respect to information that may be published on the website by third parties.  If you are not satisfied with any portion of this website, or with one of the Conditions of Use, the sole and exclusive remedy available to you is to cease using the website.

11.3 The Company will bear no liability for damage likely to be caused to you, including delays in the supply of the items, as a result of events that are not under its control, such as strikes or lock-outs, breakdowns in the computer system or in the telephone systems and/or communications systems, breakdowns in the electronic mail service, hostile acts and/or force majeure (war, earthquake, inclement weather, and so forth), events which impair or prejudice completion of the order process and/or in meeting the supply times.  In such cases the Company is entitled to give notice of cancellation of the purchase, in whole or in part, and to cancel the debit against the party executing the operation.

11.4 This website is likely to contain links to Internet websites that are not operated by the Company, but by other entities.  These links are intended solely for your convenience.  The Company has no control over these Internet websites, and it does not bear responsibility for the content appearing on them.  The inclusion of these links on this Internet website does not constitute approval of the material appearing on them, and these links do not testify to any relationship with the operators of the aforesaid websites, and any use of this website is solely on the user’s responsibility.

12. Termination of the Agreement

12.1 G.R.A.S. reserves the sole right to refuse to grant access to this website, or to any part of it, to any user, including yourselves, in its sole discretion and without prior notice.

12.2 G.R.A.S. will be entitled to terminate the contractual arrangement with you, in its sole discretion and without giving prior notice.  Upon termination of the contractual arrangement and/or the cancellation thereof, you are required immediately to cease making use of this website.

12.3 G.R.A.S. will be entitled to cease supplying services to this website and/or to cease operating this website, in whole or in part, in its sole discretion.

13. Law and jurisdiction

13.1 This Agreement is regulated solely according to the laws of the State of Israel.

13.2 You hereby agree that in any dispute arising from the use of this Internet website or which is connected therewith, sole jurisdiction will be conferred on the courts in the Haifa district, and that is where exclusive jurisdiction will be.

14. Notices and addresses

Any notice or other document to G.R.A.S. shall be in writing, addressed to the Company’s registered office and shall be sent by registered mail.  Such notice will be deemed to have been received by the Company within 72 hours from the time of posting by registered mail, as aforesaid, or at the time of its delivery if delivered by hand.  A waiver of rights in any case that the Company does not exercise one or more of its rights in accordance with this Agreement will not be deemed to be a waiver or acquiescence on the part of the Company and will not constitute any form of estoppel against it.

15. Alteration of conditions and stipulations

15.1 G.R.A.S. reserves the right to introduce changes at any time and without prior notice, in the conditions, stipulations and in the notices that apply to the use of this Internet website.

15.2 You undertake that the aforesaid alterations will apply to you and will be binding on you, immediately same are introduced.
 Accordingly, we recommend that you read the updated version of the Conditions of Use on this website. 

The Conditions of Use of this Internet website were last updated on 29.11.2006.

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