Service Agreement

For customers in Israel only:

G.R.A.S  undertakes to provide service  for all its jewelry, at any time, and will make every effort to restore its original condition
even after 10 years of wear and beyond, with exception of extreme cases when this will not be possible, due to reasons beyond the control of G.R.A.S

The service includes shipment of the jewelry from any G.R.A.S. Store in Israel to the G.R.A.S Service Center, as well as maintenance of professional staff – jewelers, precious stone setters, polishers, quality controllers – and of stock of replacement parts and precious stones.

Payment for direct costs involved will be requested, for example, for a purchase of a new stone, a new necklace replacement, cleaning and polishing of tarnished jewelry, expert jeweler's work time, gemstone setting, etc.

As part of the service of G.R.A.S, the cost of the service is reimbursed to G.R.A.S Club Members with valid Club Cards, by means of a "Service with all our Heart" Voucher redeemable on a next purchase.

Changes and Additions – G.R.A.S jewelry is meticulously produced, much is handcrafted and in limited collections.
Careful attention is paid to uniformity and identicalness within collections.

Service Time - 7 business days is the average time for repair of G.R.A.S jewelry but due to shipment time of the jewelry from the G.R.A.S. Store to the Service Center and return to the Store, a 21-day repair period should be taken into account. In the event that a special stone is requested or special part that must be imported from abroad, the service time may take longer and in this case, the customer will be notified in advance.

Year of Guarantee – For the first twelve months from the purchase date of the jewelry, full guarantee will be given, except in the case of damage or improper use, upon presentation of the purchase receipt. Torn (Silver/ Goldfilled/ Gold) necklaces are not included in the Guarantee.

Refunds to Customers – Refunds will be made according to law, based upon the following terms:

  • Jewelry must be returned unused, within 2 business days of purchase, in its original packaging, together with the Purchase Receipt.
  • Refund is applicable on jewelry priced NIS 50 – NIS 3,000.
  • The amount refunded will be calculated according to the net price paid.
  • A 5% purchase cancellation charge will be deducted from the purchase amount, up to a maximum of NIS 100.
  • On Credit Card purchases, the cancellation charge will be 2% of the amount charged to the Credit Card.
  • Refund will not be possible when purchases are paid with vouchers or magnetic cards.
  • Refund will not be possible when a special size of jewelry was ordered and not purchased from the regular stock of the Store.
  • Refund requests without presentation of the original purchase receipt or the jewelry in its original packaging with the Exchange Voucher, will be forwarded to the G.R.A.S Service Center for verification of entitlement to cancellation, according to law.
  • Refund for any other G.R.A.S product will be made according to requirements by law.



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