Earned Points Policy

Earning Points with G.R.A.S
On every purchase at every G.R.A.S Store, with a valid Club Card, Club Members will earn 5% of the value of their purchases as points (with exception of Medals and Bank of Israel Coins). 1 Point = NIS 1

Redemption of Points
Earned points may be redeemed for selected products in stock at the Store, according to the number of points accumulated. 1 Point = NIS 1
Points may be redeemed for any product whose price is equal in Shekels to the total value of the points accumulated.
Points may not be redeemed for part of a purchase and points may not be added from other Club Cards of the customer.
From time to time, G.R.A.S may give preference to redeeming points for selected products.
Items purchased with G.R.A.S points may not be exchanged or returned for credit.

Resetting Accumlated Points

If annual Club Membership is not renewed, points which have accumulated in the Club Card will be frozen for 12 months. When Club Membership is renewed, the points will be reactivated and will continue to accumulate for a further year. If Club Membership is not renewed, points will be deleted after 12 months.

G.R.A.S reserves the right to stop Club Offers at any time it may choose, without prior notification.
Complete Company Regulations may be viewed at G.R.A.S Offices.

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