To Join/ To Renew G.R.A.S Club Membership


G.R.A.S Club Membership Benefits

  • Birthday Discount
  • NIS 100 Discount Voucher for every month of the year
  • Earned Points with every Purchase
  • Special Holiday Offers
  • Service with all our Heart
  • End-of-Season Jewelry – Special Prices for Club Members

Join our Members Club - $25


Membership Renewal - $18

There's nothing like it! Read on for more benefit details!

How to join the Club

You can join the G.R.A.S Club at any G.R.A.S Store in Israel or online. Joining the Club costs NIS 99 for a new member.

Annual renewal of membership costs only NIS 69 to cover operation of Club Offers, maintenance of customer and purchase data for future service, as well as management of the special benefits for Club Members

Birthday Discount – Once a Year

  • Once a year, every year, G.R.A.S offers Club Members an exceptional discount, which grows with the years on a purchase of one single item in stock at the store, you will be entitled to a percentage discount equal to your age, up to a maximum of 50%.
  • You will be entitled to this exceptional discount provided that you have valid Club Membership and have accumulated at least 50 points to your credit in your Membership Card.
  • The birthday discount is redeemable from 14 days before your birthday, until 14 days after your birthday. The birth date printed on your Identity Card or Passport will be the date used for all calculations.
  • To redeem your birthday discount, your Club Membership must be valid. Hand over the "Birthday Voucher" sent to you by mail or email and show your Identity Card or Passport.
  • Birthday discounts are personal and are not transferable, even to a first-degree relative. You must come to the store in person. The discount will not be given to anybody else who is sent on your behalf, even upon presentation of identity.

**The maximum birthday discount is 50%. Over age 50, the discount remains at 50%.

***Prices of the products in the store will be the prices registered at the cash desk in the store.

The birthday discount is not applicable to Bank of Israel Coins, Medals or Gold and Silver Bars.

A product purchased with G.R.A.S birthday discount may be exchanged for another product equal in price to the net amount paid, upon presentation of the purchase receipt and/or exchange voucher.

Return of a product purchased with G.R.A.S birthday discount for credit, will be accepted at the net amount paid, upon presentation of the purchase receipt.

Gift Vouchers or Loaded Cards cannot be purchased with the birthday discount.



Every month, throughout the year, G.R.A.S awards you a NIS 100 discount on a gift purchase of over NIS 399. The NIS 100 is loaded on your G.R.A.S Club Card and is renewed every month for use once in the month.


On every purchase, in all G.R.A.S Stores in Israel, Club Members with a valid Club Card, earn 5% of the purchase in points. Points are not earned on purchases of Bank of Israel Coins, Medals or Gold and Silver Bars. Points may be redeemed for their full value: 1 point = NIS 1.

Redemption of Earned Points / Gifts Purchased with Points

A product with a higher price than the total number of points earned may not be exchanged for points.

No exchange voucher will be given with products purchased with points, nor may the products be returned for credit.

Points may be redeemed for products in stock at the G.R.A.S Store.

The total number of points earned may be redeemed for any product at the Store, whose price is equal in value to the points earned.

Points may not be added together from different Club Cards.

Points may be redeemed only with a valid Club Card at the Cash Desk, at the Store.

Resetting Earned Points

Once a year, Club Membership must be renewed. In the event that membership is not renewed, points earned will be frozen for a period of up to 12 months. If membership is renewed during the 12 months, the points will be reactivated and redeemable over the next 12-month period. If membership is not renewed, the points will be deleted after the 12 months.

G.R.A.S is the only company that accepts jewelry of any origin for repair, restoring or cleaning, as a special service to customers. This service may also be requested online and, in this case, your jewelry will be collected at your door and returned to you at your door, after the required treatment.

Cost of the repair, restoration or cleaning, with exception of costs of parts, will be reimbursed to valid Club Members by means of a "Service from all our Heart" Credit Voucher, redeemable on a next purchase and valid for one year.

The Voucher is redeemable on purchases of at least double its value and not valid for special offers.



Special prices are offered for Club Members for end-of-sale jewelry or collections to be discontinued.

Benefits are subject to valid Club Membership

G.R.A.S reserves the right to change, stop or add Club Offers, at any time, without advance notification.

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